Repot Your Plants in 10 Steps

Repot Your Plants in 10 Steps

Repot Your Plants in 10 Steps


Make sure your plant is ready to be repotted. If it has been longer than 12 months or has roots growing through the bottom of the planter or is pushing beyond the top soil, it’s time to repot.


Select the perfect pot. Add between a half-inch to two inches of width and depth – depending on the size of your plant – and ensure the new pot has adequate drainage holes.


Thoroughly water your plant in its current container. Be sure to let it sit for at least an hour before proceeding.


Lay down newspapers or old towels. If you’re repotting your plants indoors, you’ll want to protect your space from messes.


Fill the new pot about a quarter of the way up with soil. Use a bit of compost, perlite or fertilizer in the bottom layer of the soil to help boost the plant’s growth even more.


Gently remove your plant from the current container. Carefully hold the plant upside down. Run your fingers around the outside of the old container and down the base to loosen the roots. Lay your plant on its side being gentle not to break or rip any of its leaves or stems.


Place the plant in it’s new home. Quick and gently, move the plant straight into its new pot. At this time, feel free to prune off any old growth, browning or bruised leaves, and leggy nodes.


Add more soil to the top and pat it down nice and gently. There is no need to compact the soil.


Water your repotted plant thoroughly once more. This will help your plant get all the nutrients it needs in its new home. Water your plant with room temperature water so it does not shock your plant.


Keep your plant out of bright, direct sunlight for a few weeks. Keep an eye out for signs of shock such as dropping leaves or browning. Houseplants need time to acclimate to their new environment. Their roots may have been bruised or damaged during the transplant so give it a little extra TLC.

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