Frost and Freeze Protection

Frost and Freeze Protection

Frost and Freeze Protection

Tips for Frost and Freeze Protection

  1. Make sure irrigation is turned off before cold weather moves in but water before the system is turned off. If a hard freeze is forecasted you may need to drain your irrigation pump.
  2. Bring any potted plants inside if possible.
  3. If your plants are affected by the freezing temperatures, do not trim nor cut off any plant material, but wait for warmer weather. The surrounding plant foliage will protect the new growth underneath.
  4. Once temperatures rise well above freezing, remove the cold protection coverings when the sun is shining brightly, this will keep from creating heat that may cause stress to the plants.
  5. Hearty plants able to withstand very cold temperatures: Camellia bushes, Sweet Tea Olive shrubs ect should not be covered.
  6. Once cold temperatures pass remember to turn your irrigation system back on.
  7. Apply pine straw, mulch, or hay to insulate the plants to retain heat and moisture and protect the root system.
  8. Be patient, allow damaged plants to recover without pruning. New growth will tell you where to trim when the time comes.


  1. Frost clothe may be purchased to cover tender plants depending on the area and quantity desired.
  2. Remember the a frost can occur when temps are well above freezing.
  3. Remove frost clothe immediately after temperatures warm.


  1. Tropicals should be covered when possible with some form of heat to help provide warmth. Make sure to uncover once temps rise above freezing.
  2. Non LED lights that give off heat can be placed under coverings to provide protection. This works well with small citrus trees that are planted or in pots that cannot be moved inside.

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